Sporting career

My athletic career started at the age of 7 with martial arts. It all started with my oldest brother who trained me daily. I was later trained in the best clubs in Brunswick, where I won the brown black belt in Teakwando. Kickboxing accompanied me since I was 12 years old. The first DAN in kickboxing was awarded to me in Munich.

In many kickboxing and boxing matches I was able to prove myself successfully. With ambition and willpower, I won the district league championships in Lower Saxony and the Lower Saxony Championships. At the height of my career, I was German champion in kickboxing several times . When I was 25 years old, I left the ring and from this point on I wanted to pass on my experience to other athletes.

I have been a boxing, personal and fitness coach for many years and worked with several companies, I also offer Group Fitness Training in Munich. Through my experiences and my achievements I am able to offer my customers satisfaction and the best coaching. Currently I work as a boxing trainer in the east of Munich and in Box-Kitchen Munich.

More than two years I was working together with Rosemarie, my business partner, on a Sport Community. Now we are online. We look forward to your registration at sfriends.


Training academy C,B,A license
Graduation: Dipl. personal trainer

  • Instructor for group fitness trainer
  • Kickboxing instructor
  • Motivation trainer