Outdoor Training

The Belly has to go! 

Get up and do something for your health. Show everyone that you can do it differently with my outdoor training.

So sehen Powervolle WOchen aus

We start with you again at 7. November 2018

Train with us where, when and as much as you want.

Where does it all take place?

We don’t have summer, but we are hard and train outdoors in winter, too. Our outdoor training has the following on the plan: running, push-ups, stretching, boxing and much more that brings fun and greatly improved the condition and figure. The fun factor is also very important, because that is a prerequisite for your motivation to participate.

We offer

Outdoor Training no entrance fee with Ibo Power (sfriends.net) every Wednesday and everuy Saturday.

Persons, which register to our sport network, can train with us every time, a course takes place.

Why do we that? We want to network each other with our sport community all athletes from Munich and in future in whole Germany. That all athletes can easy make appointments with  each other and can be friends.  We woud enjoy it, if you will become a part of our sport network. We look forwarrd to each of you, who participates.

Weekday Location
Wednesday 18:30 – 19:30 Königsplatz München
Saturday 10:00 – 11:00 Riemer See (Bugasee) at Kiosk


At least once a week we want to bring our athletes together and share the fun with everyone.

Bring water and if you want, sports mats to the meeting.

Please think of weatherproof clothing and sunscreen!

The training takes place in all weather conditions, even in bad weather, except hail and thunderstorms. Participation minimum of 3 persons.

Join us and become part of our sports community.

Share it with all your friends and acquaintances. Become part of our sports network.

Have a look to our Video , that was created for you.

How much is the Outdoor Training

You have to pay nothing, if you have registered at our sport network sfriends. So you have two advantages, you can test our sport network and with a little bit luck you can find some people, which will train with you, and then you can participate to the outdoor training, so you can see, wheter you like it. We are sure you will like it.

Participation is at your own risk

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