Functional Training

Health-conscious people prefer to use medicine balls rather than weights on power machines: Functional training is the fitness trend that demands not just individual muscles, but the entire body.

Functional training is the training concept of the future.

Here are trained whole muscle groups with free movements and simple aids such as gymnastics mat, medicine ball or kettle bells.

Each exercise also improves the stability and mobility of the trunk, out power house from which all movements emanate, as well as the coordination, reaction time and balance of the athlete.

Typical movement patterns of the respective sports are perfected and weaknesses are specifically remedied, which also prevents injuries while improving performance.

Functional training has its roots in athletic training in high performance sports. The goal is to make all athletes more resilient to training. Instead of training individual muscles in isolation, whole muscle groups and complex movement sequences are required here.

“That makes me and my clients more resilient not only in sports, but also in everyday life.”