Anti-Aging mit Sport

Anti-aging with sport is fun and very effective, read this article.

Brief summary of an article on senior citizens’ health from the Münchner Merkur of 23.03.2018, which scared me very much:

“Today, seniors are mentally and physically healthier than previous generations, but illnesses continue to increase with age, according to statistics from 2015, for people over 65 years, 85% have cardiovascular disease and 75% have muscle problems and bones, 10.3% have dementia, which is about 230,000 people in Bavaria, and one in four is affected by dementia from the age of 85 years. Dementia is now the third most common cause of death and in 2015, 6,000 people died. ”

This statistic made me very thoughtful. I did not think it was that bad. There is now a gym on every corner. Then you should afford a personal trainer who learns the exercises correctly and effectively. Since you would rather spend money for a coach than to bring it to the doctor or pharmacist. Pills are bitter and have side effects. Sport is fun and has a great side effect – it makes you fit and powerful.

The following can be read at

“Quote beginning

11 reasons why sport is so important:

  1. Sport reduces stress
  2. Sport makes you happy
  3. Sport makes you more confident
  4. Sport in nature makes you strong
  5. Sport trains the brain
  6. Sport relieves anxiety
  7. Sport makes us think better
  8. Sport helps with addiction
  9. Sport provides for recreation
  10. Sport makes you productive
  11. Sport connects

Quote end”

If you want to read the entire article, you can find it here

And this page explains what hormones are released during exercise in the body and what they do.

By the way, what do you think about how old the young lady in the photo is? You will not believe it – 70 years. Yes, she trains regularly with me.

So defeat the inner bastard and book your training sessions today via the contact form or by phone.

Sport is the best anti-aging agent

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